11-13 May 2022
Vilamoura, Portugal
11-13 May 2022
Vilamoura, Portugal


It is a pleasure to welcome you to Vilamoura, Algarve to attend ProteoVilamoura 2022. This will be the 2nd Joint Meeting of Spanish, French and Portuguese Proteomics Societies. The meeting was organized to include all aspects of proteomics and related fields focusing on new developments and scientific advances. For this we invited 11 international renowned speakers that will share their work and experiences bringing the opportunity to discuss and share opinions and, at the same time, motivating and inspiring us for novel ideas and projects.

We have chosen this location to give the opportunity, after two years of pandemic, to also relax and enjoy Vilamoura, a low-density population with stunning beaches, a nature trail over five kilometers long, an environmental park with two bird observatories and an award-winning marina.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vilamoura.

Dina Simes

Chairwomen ProteoVilamoura Organizing committee

Message from Procura

Dear Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you on behalf of PROCURA the Portuguese Proteomics Society, and to invite you to attend the ProteoVilamoura 2022, the 2nd Joint Meeting of Spanish, French and Portuguese Proteomics Societies.

There is no denying that these are ever-changing and unpredictable times, but COVID-19 also show us that nothing can replace the innumerable benefits of meeting people in person and building relationships with them face-to-face. The ProteoVilamoura 2022 conference will allow you to hear and meet those at the forefront of our scientific field and will be a unmissable opportunity to meet face to face with colleagues that share your scientific interests, held in a great and fun location.  

This conference goes to the heart of all matters relating to proteomics, and it brings internationally renowned speakers who will share, discuss, debate, and dissect significant new developments and scientific advancements that will impact the future of proteomics and related fields. We also need your work to be shared. This meeting is intended to allow you, irrespective to your personal expertise, to share opinions and to contact expert in all the multiple aspects of proteomics and related fields. The conference program was designed in order to facilitate contacts with the several participants who will guarantee the highest possible scientific level to each session.

Again, it is my honor and privilege, after the success of the previous join meetings with our friends from Spain and France to welcoming you in Algarve, Portugal, and express my hope that together we will make ProteoVilamoura 2022 a memorable event.

Francisco Amado

(President of PROCURA)

Message from the FPS - French Proteomics Society

It is a pleasure for the French Proteomics Society to co-organize this second edition of a joint meeting with our friends of the Spanish Proteomics Society (SEProt) and of the Portuguese Proteomics Society (Rede ProCura). Previous edition was finally a visioconference due to the COVID19 situation. This second edition should be a face to face event and we can’t wait meeting our dear colleagues once again in person. Our three societies are very active in the field of proteomics and, whatever happens, it should be a great moment of science with a high quality program. We wish you lots of fruitful exchanges and lots of new collaborations.

Sincerely yours,

Franck Vandermoere

(President of FPS)

Message from SEProt - Spanish Society of Proteomics

From the Spanish Society of Proteomics (SEPROT) we want to welcome you to the second edition of the joint meeting with the proteomics societies of France and Portugal. 

After these two years marked by teleconferences and travel restrictions, we hope that this meeting will be the starting shot to renew the personal contacts and collaborations that play such an important role in our personal and scientific growth. We are living days full of uncertainty and continuous review of our knowledge where, more than ever in recent times, science is the greatest reason for hope and joy that we have. Let's cultivate that science that we love so much and let's enjoy a productive and dynamic congress, full of new ideas and knowledge. We will see you at ProteoVilamoura 2022 !

Montserrat Carrascal

(President of SEProt)






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